Seems like time…

….to finally add something new and there’s a lot new to discuss. I hardly know where to begin.

There’s been some death. Some illness. Some shit that required more bravery than I knew I had.

There’s been a lot of love. Some happiness. Some shit that I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around.

So what’s the quick and dirty? Why am I “back”? Well, some things you have to say and other sites just don’t have the acreage for it. Also, I seem to be re-discovering my love of writing words. I feel sorry for all your eyeballs whosoever decides to read them.

Some shit has happened. I’m getting married. Though I imagine most anyone who finds their way here will already know that. It still blows my mind on a daily basis that not only am I getting married but I’m marrying the most beautiful person you could ever set eyes on. They’re brave, smart, god damn hilarious and most importantly they’re my friend. Has been for several years. I learn something new from them almost daily. They make me a better human.

There’s a lot more, too, to ruminate on and really *that’s* why I’m gonna attempt to resurrect this space. I still plan to use it to showcase creativity and what not. I suppose writing counts there, dunnit? So, we’ll see but between this crazed, rat fight of an election, the Cubs (the CUBS!) in the World Series, and a world teetering on so many brinks that it’s hard to keep count I imagine, if I can just remember the damn login, that there will be a lot to post on and about. So, for now, stay moderately tuned. Like watching Bob Ross while high.

Until the next shitpost….